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Gulf Drug LLC offers comprehensive Logistics & Warehousing services to ensure efficient healthcare distribution.
Delivery and Supply chain management

Our logistics services offer a variety of warehouse options to meet your specific needs. Whether you require temperature-controlled storage, secure facilities, or efficient distribution centers, we have the solution for you. With our stateof-the-art technology and experienced team.

Total Land 21,340 M2/230,000 ft2 (Plot size) Umm Ramool 3,690 m2 / 40,000 ft2 Al Quoz 3,100 m2 / 33,000 ft2 Abu Dhabi 14,550 m2 / 157,000 ft2

Total Storage Area 21,000 CBM, (16,500+ EU pallets) Umm Ramool 7,100 CBM – (5500 Pallets) Al Quoz 5,800 CBM – (4500 Pallets) Abu Dhabi 8,100 CBM – (6,500 Pallets)

WHO, GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Cold Chain Management Risk Management Tool Box (Health & Safety) Fire Fighting First Aid IMS - ISO 9001:2015; OHSMS 45001:2018; ISO 14001:2015 GD SOP Manual Defensive Driving

It is important for every organization to evaluate potential risks and implementing control measures to mitigate / reduce the impact of risks ensuring product and employee safety

● One of GD’s core competencies ● Major provider of vaccines in U.A.E ● Complying to WHO & European GSDP Cold Chain Standards. ● Over 200 CBM Storage Capacity for Cold Chain items Temperature Mapping ● GD Warehouse is certified by Dickson accredited by DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center) ● Attained desired temperature & relative humidity for proper storage of pharmaceutical products ● Calibration of all devices periodically

Multiple Storage Facilities ● Cold Storage • for vaccines and biological (including Frozen) • 2 to 8 degrees centigrade • -20 to -40 degrees centigrade • -60 to -80 degrees centigrade ● Temperature Controlled Storage • Drugs, medical devices & consumables • 15-25 degrees centigrade ● Room Temperature / Ambient Storage • General Disposables • FMCG, supermarket items • 25 degrees centigrade

Proper Packing of Vaccines – Cold chain products are packed in Validated thermal boxes with the number of ice Packs as per Temperature Mapping studies. Frozen products (-20C to -40C and -60C to -80C) are packed with Dry Ice. The items are packed with bubble wrap and temperature monitoring Data Loggers (USB type) is placed for on-time recording of temperature during the transport. Temperature Monitoring – Temperature Data Loggers (TDL) and use IR Thermal Gun for temperature monitoring.

Gulf Drug Cold Chain has the capacity for multiple storage from conventional 2°C to 8°C as well as specialized storage equipment's (-20°C to -40°C and -50°C to -90°C) for Frozen Vaccine and Frozen Pharmaceutical Nutritional Products with effective 24/7 online temperature monitoring having multiple alert system (Dickson One).

Gulf Drug Cold Chain has the capacity for multiple storage within the warehouses as well as portable Sky Cargo built chiller in case of any on site deployments such as mobile field hospitals. Temperature capacity from -40°C to +25°C.

Temperature Mapping - Inappropriate environmental control may result in ineffective control on product (medicines). Temperature mapping at Gulf Drug is carried out as per GSDP guidelines periodically from approved service provider having authorization from local authorities (DAC etc.). 24/7 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with Alert System – GD warehouse facilities are equipped with online temperature & humidity monitoring system with multiple deviation alerts (EMAIL, SMS & CALL) Industrial Dehumidifiers – GD Warehouse facilities are equipped with industrial dehumidifiers to control and maintain the desired level of humidity required for storage of pharmaceutical products

Delivery Fleet 40 Vehicles owned & utilized, fully pre-insulated, with built in chillers, as per MOH, HAAD & WHO GDP guidelines and requirements. Vehicle Chiller with capacity to maintain required Temperature 2C to 8C, -15C to -25C and 15C to 25C Fleet Management System (Tracking & Monitoring) Route Mapping of deliveries, observing over speeding to control Fuel Consumption Equipped with Online Temperature Monitoring Devices with Alert System

Enhancement of Inventory management ( to meet Principal recommendation and GDP guidelines). Accuracy in picking the items with correct Batch and Expiry minimizing delay and human errors. To provide visibility / accuracy into the physical location of goods and vacant slots for effective space utilization. Effective FEFO (Batch , Expiry & Manufacturing date, etc.) for each product. Incorporating Stock Traceability principal wise as it complies to WMS guidelines

Gulf Drug is certified for TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) compliance. Controlled/High Value drugs are kept in the secured area as per TAPA guidelines, locked and keys are available with Store Pharmacists only. Controlled drugs /High Value items room are secured with 2 steps of verification, Finger print identification and Key lock system.

Comprehensive Self Inspection Program by Quality Team that ensures that premises & equipment are properly maintained. Cleaning Team with proper timely log that helps in keeping the facility hygiene effectively

Pest Control - Pest Control materials used should be safe, approved by Municipality; there should be no risk of contamination to the material and pharmaceutical products. Fumigation of Pallets - a method of killing pests, termites or any other harmful living organisms to prevent transfer of exotic organisms from the pallets that may affect the quality of the product.

Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Programs for Racking Structures & Warehouse Equipment. Ensuring Compliance to International safety and material storage standards. Full compliance to local authorities (DCD, DM, etc.) rules & regulations.

In the spirit of #COP28, Gulf Drug, one of the UAE's leading pharmaceutical expert, has marked its first venture into sustainability through solar PV systems. This strategic project will see the deployment of innovative solar solutions with a capacity of more than 630 kWp across two principal locations in Dubai and will save more than 70% of each facility's annual consumption.

























This marks a significant advancement in the Group's sustainable energy initiatives and is anticipated to produce 1.02 GWh of clean energy annually.

This initiative, in partnership with City Solar, demonstrates Gulf Drug's continued dedication to environmental sustainability and green initiatives. Combined, the group will offset 212 tons of CO2e which is equivalent to replacing 41,920 internal combustion vehicles from the streets. This will help Gulf Drug achieve their sustainability goals and contribute towards UAE's 2050 vision. Inline with UAE 2050 target of carbon footprint reduction by at least 70% Total Clean Energy Produced During Project Lifetime 26,812,500 kWh Total Trees Planted During Project Lifetime 11,529,375 Trees Total Carbon Offset During Project Lifetime 11,797,500 Kg CO2e

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