GulfDrug's Pharmaceuticals division stands as a cornerstone in the provision of comprehensive pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter (OTC) and consumer health products sourced from world-class manufacturers and renowned brands. As a trusted pharmaceutical agent and distributor for leading multinational enterprises, we specialize in delivering innovative healthcare solutions in UAE.

With unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and strategic partnerships, we drive transformative access to life-saving medications and cutting-edge therapies. Backed by a legacy of reliability and forward-thinking expertise, we are dedicated to shaping a healthier, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Through rigorous audits, we maintain and continuously enhance our infrastructure to fully support pharma products value chain, from the early Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance full support, full commercial and market access setup to state of the art storage and advanced distribution capabilities. Our commitment extends beyond the mere provision of pharmaceuticals; we strive to facilitate seamless access to a diverse range of healthcare solutions, contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.

To report side effects for our products or medical information needed:
Please call +971569968766 (available 24/7).

Key markets and segments
Key strengths and capabilities
Our Regulatory Affairs and Market access unit is responsible to manage all regulatory, pharmacovigilance and provide solutions to ensure the right access of our partners’ and represented portfolio.
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Regulatory team is committed to represent our principals with the highest level of professionalism in our day-to-day activities engaging our relevant stakeholders and competent authorities.
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Market analysis, forecasting and demand planning.
Early Patients’ Access programs for specialty, rare and orphan diseases.
Commercial capabilities that address are both business models,Principals,and full Outsourcing support.
Complete business cycle solutions, from logistics, warehousing & distribution capabilities across the UAE’s 7 emirates
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Gulf Drug is highly committed towards the global and local regulations when it comes to “COMPLIANCE” related laws & ABAC.
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Advanced TECH & ERP systems that address, CRM, Strict Inventory control, full traceability at SKU and batch levels.
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Besides Gulf Drug’s heritage and long experience in the region for more than 50 years , our professional high caliber teams are well trained and developed to manage our business partners and customers to ensure meeting our ultimate goal of patients’ and consumers’ healthier lifestyle.
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Fully licensed and certified supply and storage services (Accredited by ISO / GDP).
Industry leading product quality and reliability, Leader in total vaccine, cold chain solutions & infusion therapy products.
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Strong Financial backbone that supports our partners’ expansion.
Excellent merchandising and brand marketing support.
Long experience with diversified portfolio in rare diseases, specialty, orphan, primary care and CHC that enable us to excel in meeting our partners’ needs.
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Gulf Drug is well structured with all required business functions. (we can mention the main one )
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