Veterinary HealthCare

GulfDrug Veterinary Healthcare, a trusted leader in animal welfare, is designed to provide our partners with products, solutions, and knowledge, to help them add real value to their clients & end-users.

It caters to all the pharmaceutical needs related to animal health; veterinary vaccines (oral & injectable), veterinary medicines dry forms (powders, tablets, boluses, etc.), liquid, semiliquid oral and injectable forms.It also supplies a wide range of veterinary instruments and equipment such as surgical instruments, veterinary equipment, disposables, and assisted reproductive technologies etc, beside veterinary hygiene and public health products and solutions serving governmental, non-governmental organizations, farmer organizations, veterinary hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and animal shelters. Our commitment lies in ensuring the welfare of animals, guaranteeing they receive top-tier care and treatment, thus contributing to the overall health and vitality of the animal kingdom.

Maintaining the efficacy of veterinary vaccines and medicines is crucial to the successful delivery of animal health. This is why GulfDrug has invested heavily in its Cold Chain Management and Temperature Mapping Technologies. The state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain facilities and solutions are ISO-certified, and our processes adhere to the TQM system, with high-standard storage and distribution practices (GSDP). These facilities are manned by well trained staff, ensuring efficient delivery of products to the end user.

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