Emiratization, the strategic initiative of recruiting and developing Emirati talents, is a core focus of Gulf Drug's management. We are keen to develop the potential of Emirati talents to drive our organization's success and positively impact the community.

Our Commitment and Achievements:

We are proud to receive recognition award from the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology and the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council for our significant contributions in boosting Emiratization.

Programs and Initiatives:


  • Maseera Program is designed for both new joiners and current staff.
  • It offers a comprehensive learning journey that incorporates the latest advancements in soft skills.    
  • The program integrates interactive micro-learning modules, AI-driven tools, and hands-on training sessions.     
  • This program aims to equip Emirati talents with the essential skills to excel in their roles and foster personal growth.     
  • Successful completion leads to certifications and awards.


  • Enjazi is designed specifically for interns and selected students.     
  • Participants engage in real-world case studies and projects, providing them with practical exposure to our industry.     
  • Within this program, participants are empowered to view critical challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth, inspired by the leadership principles of the UAE.    
  • Emirati interns with Exceptional performance will have the chance of getting a permanent position at Gulf Drug.


  • Fikrati is a platform open to all employees, encouraging the sharing of innovative ideas and creative solutions to organizational challenges.     
  • It empowers teams to take ownership of their contributions and ensures every voice is heard.     
  • By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Fikrati drives innovation and effective problem-solving throughout Gulf Drug.


  • The Cross Exposure Program offers employees the chance to receive training and experience across various departments.     
  • Participants gain valuable on-the-job training, becoming more versatile and adaptable.     
  • This initiative prepares employees for future roles and helps them pursue their passions within the organization.


  • The Youth Council consists of creative and passionate members committed to making a meaningful impact within Gulf Drug.    
  • They organize significant Emirati events, enhance employee well-being, and participate in external events representing Gulf Drug.     
  • The council serves as a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, driving improvements, and fostering development.

AMBASSADORS AND HIPO (High Potential) Development:     

  • Our Ambassadors and HIPO programs are designed for Emirati employees who demonstrate exceptional performance. 
  • We invest in their professional growth by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to reach advanced career levels. 
  • These programs empower high-performing Emiratis to develop into effective managers and leaders within Gulf Drug.
  • Through these innovative programs and initiatives, Gulf Drug reaffirms its commitment to developing Emirati talent, ensuring a vibrant and prosperous future for our organization and the communities we serve.