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A true visionary, Dr. Hassan Al Moosa founded GulfDrug in 1969 with an aim to provide quality healthcare products for clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in the MENA region. He completed his education as a medical doctor in Heidelberg, Germany, and started practicing in 1968 at Dr. Hassan Al Moosa Private Clinic, currently known as the Al Moosa Medical Center. As a medical professional and entrepreneur he developed and nurtured the company diligently, selecting only the best of medical products and professionals to serve the healthcare needs of the region. He passed away in 1996, leaving behind a legacy of quality, care and trust for the Al Moosa and GulfDrug family to follow.

Dr. Hassan Al Moosa

The Founder

Dr. Zeyad Al Moosa

Mr. Rashad Al Moosa


Currently GulfDrug is owned and managed by the Al Moosa family, making it one of the few 100% UAE owned and managed family businesses in the healthcare industry…

Dr. Zeyad Al Moosa

Managing Director, Partner and Member of the Board of GulfDrug

A US educated pharmacist, he took over the management position in 1996 and has maintained and developed the legacy set by the founder Dr. Hassan Al Moosa

Mr. Rashad Al Moosa

A Finance graduate educated in the US, he joined the business in 2001. Since then he has optimized the company’s performance and has taken it to new heights.