Pharma & Consumer Healthcare Retail Business

Our Pharma & CHC business provides comprehensive pharmaceutical, OTC, Herbal & Consumer health products of world class manufacturers and brands to our customers. Its main focus is to be close to our customers and reliable in supply and support of the products it markets, whereby providing an efficient supply chain service such as 12 - 24 hrs delivery from the time of order placement, cold chain management, high grade medical storage and distribution services. It also offers merchandizing services to its customers in various segments in the market.

Pharmaceutical & Consumer Healthcare Retail Business (Pharma & CHC)

Pharma & CHC business provides comprehensive pharmaceutical, OTC, Herbal & Consumer health products of world-class manufacturers and brands to the end customers. The main objective is to ensure a reliable and efficient supply chain with services such as 12-24 hour delivery, cold chain management and high-grade medical storage and distribution. To help in retailing they also offer Merchandizing services to its customers in various segments of the market.


Key markets and segments
  • Clinics & Polyclinics
  • Independent and Chain Pharmacies
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets, Groceries & Wholesale
  • Department stores and Bookshops


    • Mentholatum- UK
    • Futuro (3M)- USA
    • Fumakilla- Japan
    • Banat- Turkey
    • Coppertone- USA
    • Paul Hartmann- Germany


    • Abbott- USA
    • Aspen
    • Vita Vigor
    • DDD- UK
    • Pfizer- USA
    • GSK- UK
    • P.S.I.- SA
    • J.P.I- SA
    • Norgine- UK
    • IBSA- Switzerland
    • Glenmark- India
    • Riyadh Pharma- SA
    • Meda Pharma- Sweden
    • Boehringer- Germany


Key strengths and capabilities of

Retails & CHC
  • Good merchandising and brand marketing support
  • High quality, availability, and efficiency of supply and storage services
  • Extensive sales support
  • Industry leading product quality and reliability
  • Over 40 years in pharmaceutical business



Pharma Private 



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